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Our story. 

It was 2008 and I was at a crossroads in my career. After spending 20 plus years working as a chef, I decided I'd had enough. I wanted to take my life in a new direction. I became a vegan and always found it very difficult to find great tasting vegan foods that weren't over processed and loaded with soy, nuts or unnecessary oils and fats. I came home one day from my local health food store and was ranting to my wife and she jokingly suggested "well why not start your own company and make your own vegan products then?" OMG a revelation! That's when it all began to make sense. I could transition from the restaurant industry and use my training and experience to create products that where simple, all natural, delicious, healthy and soy free. A BIG idea for a very small company. I started as a one man show, hand making my first original garden veggie patties out of my brother in laws kitchen at his bar. I went to my local Staples and made some business cards and was off to New York City going from door to door dropping off samples hoping somebody would give the frozen vegetable burgers a chance. The response was tremendous. People loved them. The orders came in immediately and my one man show turned into a three man show......then a six man show.... then ten......fifteen and continues to grow today. We now have 5 different handcrafted vegan  garden veggie patties and produce them the same way I did in the beginning. Hand Crafted with little machinery. Our Facility is located in South Hackensack NJ and is powered by renewable energy. We work with some of the best restaurants and retail chains in the Tri State area and are continuing to expand our brand across the nation. I hope you enjoy our frozen veggie burgers as much as we do.

 - James Sarkar, little green foods / CEO

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