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​The wonderful thing about Little Green Foods is we respect the planet. Our facility makes use of renewable energy, and we use only the freshest all natural ingredients in our Eco Friendly Veggie Burgers. Every burger that comes out of our facility is made by hand, which adds a unique touch you just don’t usually find in frozen vegetable burgers. It’s all about keeping the batches small and the people creating your Handcrafted Burgers happy. Our employees all live in the local Bergen County N.J. area and that means they don’t commute for hours each day in cars that contribute to poor air quality. Another plus about living nearby is our employees don’t lose out on quality family time. 

All Natural Vegetable Burgers are a plus to any family diet because the ingredients are fresh. You’ll never look at a Little Green Food package, and see words you can’t pronounce on the list of ingredients. Instead, you’ll see zucchini, red bell pepper, whole kernel corn, carrot, oat bran and sea salt. These are vegetables and other all natural local products that mean good health and quality. So, try some of our delicious handcrafted burgers today. You’ll be in for a treat.
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Where To Buy Our Frozen Vegetable Burgers

​In addition to the above retailers, little green can be found in other grocery stores (big and small) around the Tri State Area. We hope to keep expanding our brand nationally and ask for your help.

If you would like to see our products in your favorite grocery store, simply print this request form, fill it out and give it to your frozen foods or store manager.

Believe it or not, grocery stores want to carry products their customers want so your request will be taken seriously.

Hope you find us in your frozen section soon!